I apologize for the language, but this is a rant.

I was driving downtown this evening to see Edwin McCain and his band play at Antone’s in Austin (great show).  I was listening to the local rock station (93.7) on the way down and heard a shining example of why I can’t stand the vast majority of DJs.

It’s no secret that most rock station DJs are either failed rockers who never really “got” working for a living, or lowlifes who are just doing it because it’s a step above cleaning toilets and they happen to have a voice that sounds good on the radio (or both).  The guy tonight, though, really takes the cake.

So he’s doing a plug for the “babes section” of the station’s website.  If it’s not sleazy enough that he has to do that, he takes it a whole stairway further by saying the following (paraphrase):

“So if you’re one of those guys who has a hard time talking to the ladies, you should definitely check out the babe of the day section of the website.  I just got married so I can’t look at ‘em at home anymore because the wife checks my [browser] history, but I still check ‘em out here at the studio and man, there are some serious hotties on there.”

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