Welcome to Piqued, the weblog of my website,  Piqued serves the dual purpose of being both the means by which I notify visitors of updates/additions to any part of this site, as well as my personal blog. is in fact many different websites, forming a network which you can navigate using the black bar above.  Each separate site is devoted to a particular interest of mine, ranging from the artistic to the philosophical.  Please look around, but in case you want a quick overview, here are the primary destinations within

Piqued: As explained above, this is the site weblog/my personal blog.  Feel free to subscribe via RSS if you want to stay apprised of any updates here, and whatever else I feel like writing about. Piqued also serves as the homepage.

Reaching Up Productions: This is the home of my video production “company.”  I film weddings as a side-business and both advertise as well as showcase my services on this site. currently points to my homepage, but eventually I hope to get a dedicated server for the business.

Photography Portfolio: One of my hobbies is digital photography, and this is where I post my best work.  All photos are available in the typical desktop sizes and are free for you to download and put on your desktop.  However, you must be a registered user to download the larger photos.

Worldview: This is where I post any projects or writings of mine which have to do with my worldview.  Currently it is home to a series of videos I produced which attempt to answer a variety of questions relating to existence and the truth of Christianity.

Feedback Forum: This is the home of a members-only forum of sorts.  It’s currently not very active, but I wanted a place for visitors to provide feedback and hopefully discuss some of the content of my site (particularly worldview stuff).  We’ll see if this ever grows, but it’s there!  It also handles site-wide logins which currently are only needed for viewing wallpaper on the Portfolio site.

Archives: I’ve been designing websites for a while and as such, has evolved over time.  Here are links to abandoned parts of as well as a few of my earliest web projects.

Related Destinations: This part of the navigation bar contains links to my profiles on various external websites such as Flixter (movie reviews), SmugMug (expanded photo gallery), Vimeo (short video productions) and others.

Well, there you have it!  Enjoy your stay.

- Brian Frantz (

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