I apologize for the language, but this is a rant.

I was driving downtown this evening to see Edwin McCain and his band play at Antone’s in Austin (great show).  I was listening to the local rock station (93.7) on the way down and heard a shining example of why I can’t stand the vast majority of DJs.

It’s no secret that most rock station DJs are either failed rockers who never really “got” working for a living, or lowlifes who are just doing it because it’s a step above cleaning toilets and they happen to have a voice that sounds good on the radio (or both).  The guy tonight, though, really takes the cake.

So he’s doing a plug for the “babes section” of the station’s website.  If it’s not sleazy enough that he has to do that, he takes it a whole stairway further by saying the following (paraphrase):

“So if you’re one of those guys who has a hard time talking to the ladies, you should definitely check out the babe of the day section of the website.  I just got married so I can’t look at ‘em at home anymore because the wife checks my [browser] history, but I still check ‘em out here at the studio and man, there are some serious hotties on there.”

I really wished his wife could have heard him say that so she’d divorce his ass.  I mean, it’s bad enough if he’s telling the truth, but this guy apparently sees so little shame in it that he flippantly shares it with thousands of strangers. Oh, and perhaps one of the reasons some guys have a hard time talking to women is precisely because stuff like this encourages them to think of them as objects instead of persons.  Great advice, asshole.

If it wasn’t enough that this guy is a complete loser on the relationship front, he also apparently has no appreciation for good music despite somehow landing a DJ job.  At the next commercial break he seriously suggested that there should be a Guitar Hero: Nickelback edition like the new Aerosmith one, since Nickelback has such a illustrious musical career.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Do you have any idea how boring that game would be?  Yay, another angsty song that sounded just like the one before it and hardly contained anything but repeated chords!  “You rock?”  I don’t think so.

This guy’s wife and employer both need to show him the door.  There are people in prison who’d be better qualified in both roles.

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