Time to try a dessert!  In honor of the just-finished Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver, I decided to go with Canada’s culinary contribution to the series: Maple Sugar Pie.  I’m pretty inexperienced at both desserts and baking, so this was definitely a new thing for me.

Maple Sugar Pie

Recipe | Video

I’m honestly not a huge fan of pecan pie, so I wasn’t sure I’d like this that much.  I do like maple syrup, though, so that was promising.  Turns out this is a quite easy and tasty dessert and was a hit among my coworkers who I shared it with.  Smells and tastes like breakfast!

Turns out I could’ve left it in a bit longer as the deepest parts around the edge were a bit undercooked.  But otherwise it turned out very well!  The homemade crust was a bit tricky to get rolled out nice, but turned out pretty good after a couple of attempts.  Very rich (whole stick of butter!), but simple and hard to mess up.

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