I’m really loving The Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant album.  Ridiculous, but so fun.  “The Baby” is one of the FF5 originals and it’s particularly amusing.

Listen here.


North Star
Hanging in the sky
Shining down (Shining down)
Where he lies
Going to meet a life changer
Sleeping in a manger tonight

Riding on down into Bethlehem City (City)
Hey, Mary, girl
A baby so pretty (Pretty)
Got you some Frankincense
Got you some myrrh
Got a dump truck full of presents
Should I drop ‘em right hurr?

Gifts (For the Baby)
Presents (For the Baby)
I’ll make it rain (All night on the Baby)
I got some silver and gold (Hey, Hey)
Let the legend be told (Hey, Hey)
(Don’t you know that I’m all about the baby?)

Wrapped up in some swaddling clothes
Get the 411
You know I think that Mary knows
Yeah, We came this far
We are the kings that know who you are
Riding on down into Bethlehem City (City)

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