The same person who left the lengthy and thought-provoking response to my first “How Great Thou Art” video made a comment on the second one, “Creation & The Big Bang.”  As before, I decided to post my response here since it should provide worthwhile clarification of some points discussed in the video and hopefully address his differing views.

“ARS” wrote:

“The largest problem with everything you will present is that it is an argument from ignorance (Logical fallacy), nobody knows these things, and none of this is any conclusive evidence for anything other than ignorance. You say that theists call the beginning maker/creator god, but you fail to address the FACT that they have the same amount of evidence to support this as the naturalist, NONE.

“The idea that something un-natural had to create the entire universe is again an appeal to ignorance, nature outside of the universe is not known at present, and therefore cannot be said to lack the mechanism for the universes existence.

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