It’s been a while since I’ve attempted blogging; my reason for giving up before was lack of readership (I think my only loyal follower was my mom…not that that’s bad, but a phone call is a much more efficient way to catch up with her). But the subject matter of my previous blog was also narrow in its appeal. That is, it was pretty much all about what I was up to rather than topics that have broad appeal.

Which is what makes this attempt different. Since I realize how boring it is for most of us to read about what’s been going on in other people’s lives beyond the occasional Christmas letter, my goal now is to comment on whatever piques my interest in hopes that others might appreciate my perspective. Since my interests are rather diverse, so will be the issues I write about. I hope to address anything ranging from entertainment to science to technology to religion to politics to…well, anything. If you find my ramblings worth the few minutes of your time, please bookmark it and/or subscribe via RSS! And digg/reddit/stumble me, while you’re at it. Right now I’m hoping to write some sort of a post nearly every day. Many will probably be short blurbs about something I found online or random thoughts I had. But I hope to occasionally write longer and more thought-out pieces on issues I find especially important. Also, I realize the visual layout is really generic right now…I hope to change that up at some point as well.

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