Over the weekend, I had a French-themed dinner party for some friends.  I cooked up some ratatouille and tarte tatin, and served with merlot, chardonnay, brie, camembert and French bread.  Very tasty, and not too difficult to cook either.  Then we watched the brilliant Pixar film Ratatouille.


Recipe | Video

My mom used to make ratatouille, and I’ve made a version of it myself on a couple of occasions.  The version I’ve made before was a sort of Americanized version, very simple with few spices, very little sauce, and a lot of cheese.  Good, but probably not what the French would consider very authentic.

This recipe is much more flavorful, complex, and reminds me of the more traditional recipe my mom used to make.  Very delicious, and not difficult!

Tarte Tatin

Recipe | Video

Never had this before, but it sounded like a reasonably easy and tasty way to start experimenting with French desserts.  It was!  I think I like good ‘ole American apple pie better, but this is still very good.  It’s easier to make, lighter and more delicate.

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