Hey all,

In the past couple of weeks I’ve uploaded a number of new photos to both the Wallpaper Portfolio as well as my Smugmug account.

California & Arizona

In January, my family and I took a vacation to the Monterey/San Francisco area of California, and then stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way home.  It was my first time visiting either place, and I’d definitely like to return to California and bring my motorcycle or rent one.  As we drove those awesome roads along the coast I couldn’t help but long to be feeling that cool air rush by me on my bike while getting a full view of the gorgeous scenery.  Not to say I’d be opposed to going back anyway, but definitely would’ve been great on a bike.

I posted the pictures from this trip to Smugmug a while back, but just recently created wallpaper out of them for my portfolio site.  Check ‘em out:

California Wallpaper
Arizona Wallpaper

Central Texas

More recently I’ve visited a couple cool parks near my new home of Austin, and took some cool pictures.  Both places feature some beautiful springs which really look out of place in the middle of a Texas drought. I haven’t made any wallpaper out of these pictures, but I did post them to Smugmug:

Hamilton Pool
Colorado Bend State Park

BMW Night Shoot

I also realized that I hadn’t uploaded the pictures from my BMW 135 shoot from last year.  The pictures have been on my wallpaper portfolio site for a long time, but in case you’re interested, you can view them in their full, uncropped glory here:

BMW 135 Texas A&M Shoot

Increased Image Sizes on Smugmug

Finally, I updated my Smugmug settings to allow visitors to view larger versions of the photos (maximum viewing dimension is now 1280, up from 1024 previously).


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