You may have noticed that several of the links accessible from the drop-down menu above have gone to placeholder pages with estimated times of completion that have already passed.  Well, I’m happy to say I’ve gotten back to working on this site, and the first addition has already been rolled out. is up and running and ready for users to register.  I don’t expect there to be a lot of commotion on the forums right now, but the registration is for more than just the forum.  The login scheme that used to exist on the Photography Portfolio site has been replaced with the Feedback login, so in order to download the larger wallpapers, you’ll need to register at Feedback.  It doesn’t require any more information than the old registration scheme, and is more secure and feature-rich.

I’m also planning to make blog comments only available to registered members, to get rid of the comment spam that comes in waves every couple of weeks.

Now that I have the feedback forum in place, I’m hoping to tackle the Worldview site soon, as well as finish the final video in the How Great Thou Art series.  Once that’s finished, I hope to finally put together the Reaching Up Productions page, though that may be a while.

Thanks for visiting!

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